Where is the best place to find Ableton Samples in 2017?

Ableton sample packs for free?

In 2017 free Ableton samples ,free ableton loops are popular thing to be searched for. Many sound engineers and sample pack providers offer them. Some are for free and some are paid. It might seem that that premium sample packs should offer a better quality, but that is not a rule. If you ever tried to find the best source of Ableton samples, you are in good place!

The list of places which offer free Ableton sample packs in 2017

The time goes by and as it does, so do change the trends. Whatever is the kind of electronic music you create you have to agree that sample packs popular two years ago are not so hip in 2017. To help you with your research I have prepared a list of places where to find the free Ableton sample packs.

Hardstyle midi pack
  1. Let’s start with the basics. Classical music is boring, you say? Nope! Insert some free classical instrument sound samples from British Philharmonia Orchestra. They are clean and high quality. All sounds are ready to download one by one or in one package and are available under Creative Commons License.
    Here is the link: philharmonia.co.uk
  2. Now we move on to another great website: The Freesound Project. Established many years ago as a source of random sounds mostly for experimental purposes it has become now a place where all sound research should start. You can find there everything from synths and loops to howling wolves and crushed tin cans. Many of these sounds can be used in commercial projects without attribution.
    Visit the Freesound.org website and start your own research!
  3. A massive amount of free sound samples can be found at One Child One Laptop page. The links are mostly oldschool torrents but the numbers of gigabytes are quite impressive. The variety also matters. The amounts of Ableton sample packs there are amazing and if you are looking for something completely different, you should definitely check this website.
  4. Sound Bible offers dozens of thousands of free sound samples ready to download. Just browse the website by tags or use search feature. You will be amazed what you will find!
  5. Now what is a sound project without a vocal part? No, you don’t have to answer. The site was difficult to find so it goes the late, but it is worthy to give it a try. This is a regular online shop but it also offers over one hundred free vocal samples ans acapellas. No registration required.
    Check out the Vocal Downloads!Lucidsamples vocal female samples
  6. Music Radar is a well known brand. I don’t have to tell you anything about them. But did you know that they also run a free sample packs website? If no, check the Sample Radar now! Most of sound content they offer are parts of commercial collections which is actually great cause it means that they are good quality too.

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